Boomtown Clean Slate

We make it too easy to switch property management. Boomtown works with your current manager to make sure all security deposits and operating funds have been moved into our stewardship, and the current condition of the property is accounted for with a detailed inspection. We assume responsibility for all communication with the current residents on the change in management, and work with the current manager to make the transition simple for all.

From switching the water bill, to lead paint registration, and assessing the current condition of your leased home, Boomtown handles it all.

Preventative Maintenance | Maintenance Icon
Preventative maintenance is provided to protect against the risks and liability of our property owners and their properties. Boomtown provides guidance and suggestions on preventative maintenance following each scheduled property inspection report.

Reporting | Reporting Icon
Making sure both the owner and property manager are on the same page is vital to a successful property. Property owners have on-demand access to real-time Rent Roll Reports, Owner Statements, Receipts and Invoices.

Lead Paint Certification and Registration | Lead Paint Certification Icon
Many homes and condominiums built before 1978 have lead-based paint which can pose serious health hazards to occupants and visitors. Federal and State Law require lead paint testing to certify the safety of these leased properties. Boomtown handles all aspects of lead paint certification and registration, from organizing the initial inspection to paying the annual registration dues on behalf of our owners.

Water Utility Payments | Water Utility Icon
Frederick and Montgomery municipal water suppliers can attach a lien to your investment property if water bills are not paid. Boomtown pays the quarterly water bills for our residents in Frederick County, and collects the payment from our residents to be refunded to our owners. In Montgomery County Boomtown monitors the WSSC website to ensure on time payments by all residents.

Resident Qualification | Resident Qualification Icon
We believe qualifying residents is the single more important part of our service. Our qualification process is thorough. At Boomtown we ensure each prospective resident completes a background and credit check, including proof of employment, annual gross income, and rental history if applicable. Boomtown regularly qualifies perspective residents in less than 24 hours.

Late Payment Fees | Invest Icon
Late Fees collected by Boomtown are paid to the owner. It is common practice for residential property managers to keep late fees; at Boomtown we treat late fees as rent income and pay our owners accordingly.