New and Confused?

Allow us to bring our experience and expertise to assist you in making informed decisions. At Boomtown our first goal is to imbue our new owners with a sense of clarity and confidence. We inform all new owners on the process, provide context for systemic and specific risk, and instill confidence with a proven approach.

Resident Qualification | Resident Qualification Icon
We believe qualifying residents is the single more important part of our service. Our qualification process is quick and thorough. At Boomtown we ensure each prospective resident receives a proper background and credit check, including proof of employment, annual gross income, and rental history if applicable. Boomtown regularly qualifies perspective residents in less than 24 hours.

Placing Residents | Placing Residents Icon
It is our goal to lease our listings in less than 30 days. Using our unique metrics based approach to pricing, Boomtown can be certain we’re earning the highest market rent for each of our leased homes. Each day we gauge the demand and interest for each of our properties to ensure our homes are priced correctly, in order to produce a signed lease in less than 30 days.

Accounting and IRS Reporting | Accounting Icon
Consider it done. Boomtown makes it too easy for our owners to keep up on their property’s finances. 100% of the invoices and receipts paid by Boomtown, on the owner’s behalf, are perfectly preserved via PDF file and kept online for owner access. Additionally, Boomtown provides professional accounting and financial reporting OnDemand, and automatically files the applicable tax documents as required by the IRS at the end of each calendar year.

Keeping your Investment | Invest Icon
In addition to move-in / move-out inspections, the Boomtown Premiere Owners also receive professional property inspection reports every 6 months with pictures and a detailed description of the current condition with preventative maintenance recommendations.

Compliance with State and Federal Laws | Compliance icon
From smoke detectors to lead paint certification and local licensing requirements Boomtown is looking out for you. Based on the age and location of your home all or some if these requirements may be applicable. As part of the onboarding process Boomtown will apply for and maintain all licenses, certifications, and registrations as required by law.

Water Utility Payments | 

Water Utility Icon
Frederick and Montgomery municipal water suppliers can attach a lien to your investment property if water bills are not paid. Boomtown pays the quarterly water bills for our residents in Frederick County, and collects the payment from our residents to be refunded to our owners. In Montgomery County Boomtown monitors the WSSC website to ensure on time payments by all of our residents.