Our Approach and Pricing

Boomtown believes in dignity and respect for each of our residents.
Inherent dignity and respect for each of our residents is at the heart of our approach to property management. Our commitment to mutual respect has resulted in happier residents with longer stays, lower vacancies, and higher owner profits.

Boomtown believes in the stewardship of our owners investments.
We believe in the strict adherence to our lease agreements, and holding our residents responsible for the preservation of our owners’ properties. We expect our residents to keep the same standard as our owners, and maintain each property as their own

We believe in peace of mind and convenience for our owners.
Offering the latest technology to our owners provides convenience of accessibility to what they need, when they need it, any time day or night. Boomtown is always looking to employ the latest technology to enhance the experience of Boomtown owners and provide peace of mind, be it through digital property inspection reports, or big data analytics behind our rental listings.